Picture of David Call

David Call
Independent Agent/Owner at Ryan Everet Insurance

David grew up in Fort Worth and moved to Denton to get his Bachelor Degree in Business- Entrepreneurship and Stratetic Management.  He started his career in the mortgage business initially as a mortgage loan originator for several years and then as an Asset Manager selling 1000’s of REO properties.   He started his own independent insurance agency in 2013 – Ryan Everet Insurance.

David specializes in helping people review their existing policies, new clients purchasing property and works closely with realtors and lenders to help their mutual clients filter through the insane number of options available for insurance through the 40+ companies available as a broker.

David also enjoys volunteering especially when tools are involved.  His favorite projects are through great organizations like Habitat for Humanity, the Eureka 2 project, or just helping neighbors rake and trim trees with his 2 boys – Lucas and Jeremiah.