Picture of David Brunow

David Brunow
Co-founder at Shepherd Dog

David Brunow defies classification. Throughout his life he has taken on many different types of roles and excelled at most of them (he wasn’t very good at being a used car salesman). Lately, he has been consulting and building software for a large international company and building iOS apps. Before that, he held several different roles in a community bank: Audit Assistant, Compliance Officer, Bank Secrecy Act Officer, Assistant Vice President, Junior Executive Officer, Operations Manager, and Systems Administrator.

Each role has increased David’s expertise. From his time as a Compliance Officer, he knows the language of regulatory documents and can read and understand how regulations affect all kinds of businesses. From his time as a Systems Administrator and through various side projects, he knows much about the hardware side of the technology world like servers, email, and mobile devices. From his time as a software developer and other various side projects, he knows all the parts of web and mobile programming. From his time as a Generator Mechanic and soldier in the United States Army he knows discipline and how to read schematics.

David’s most valuable asset is that he has learned a framework for figuring out new things. New problems are always coming up, driven by changes in technology, regulation, and everything else in our world. David has repeatedly shown that he can solve those problems.

David has a Bachelors of Science in Business Computer Information Systems from the University of North Texas.