Picture of Dalton Kane

Dalton Kane
Founder at Small Shops Co

Dalton Kane focuses primarily on Digital Marketing, Design, and Web/Mobile Development. His primary focus is on digital marketing where he utilizes his skills in what he describes as the four primary tenets of successful digital marketing: Research, Strategy, Content Creation, and Campaign Management.

Dalton has a special place in his heart for startups. He built Small Shops Co to help businesses achieve their full potential. His passion is in solving problems through inventive, data-driven solutions; he believes that genius is just strong curiosity put to work. Passion fuels Curiosity, Curiosity fuels Innovation. Startups and small business owners are so passionate about their products/services and Dalton loves to work with them for just that reason. 

Dalton is always willing to offer his perspective on your projects, whether you decide to work with him or not, and invites you to visit his website: http://www.smallshops.co