Picture of Brandy Thomas

Brandy Thomas
Co-founder at Shepherd Dog

Brandy found a passion for helping others as a teenager during her first job, which was of course in the customer service industry. She worked as a ticket office cashier at a local museum that brought a combination of education and entertainment to the community she grew up in.

While following that passion for helping others she found herself in many diverse roles which seemed to have two underlying commonalities: 1) Dive in and get things done with little guidance, and 2) Understand and communicate (and often times train others on) complex processes to very diverse audiences (for example, the President of Marketing vs. a Software Developer).

Throughout her career Brandy has held many different roles (Ticket Office Supervisor, Accounts Payable, HR/Accounting Assistant, Payroll Supervisor, Guest Services Manager, Account Manager, Implementation Project Manager, Software QA Tester, Technical Project Manager/BA) each requiring both the use of and training on various software applications. Experiencing first hand and watching the frustration of others when using these applications led her to her most recent roles analyzing business processes to identify and implement technical solutions for “real people.”

After several years of being the analyst and project manager she realized she wanted to make more of an impact in both the projects she’s working on and in her community. In partnering with David to form Shepherd Dog she hopes to make the lives of others around her just a little easier on a daily basis.

Brandy has a Bachelors of Business Administration in General Business from the University of North Texas.